Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fast Weight Loss You Can Do Now!

After discussing the basic and free ways to fast weight loss, I am hoping that you are joining me in this weight lose journey. The issues I discussed are fast and proven ways to lose weight. However, your personal drive and persistence determine how fast these methods work. Its hard to exercise but you have to if you would really want to wear that sexy dress. Its painful to say no to fatty food,but you have to if you would really aim to shed those belly fats.

While trying to change your bad eating and sleeping habit, try to get yourself moving and working out on your exercise program. As time goes by, you will notice how you are changing your lifestyle. Steady and slow you will sure reach your ideal weight.

To speed up your journey to weight lose, here are some tips that you can do and practice now. These are small actions that you normally ignore yet over time create a great effect in your weight lose.

1. Drink lots of fluid
Drinking water is the best but you can make fresh fruit juices. If you would prefer drinking fruit juices avoid using sugar. Some say that drinking fruit juices are bad. If you have any ideas about this,please leave me your comment. Consuming fruits will not harm your diet as long as you don't overeat.

2. Try to use smaller plates and smaller serving during meal
This set your mind to eat just what you have and never go for refill. Smaller plate means lesser food and the faster you will control your food consumption.

3. Treat yourself every week
Try motivating yourself to avoid fatty food in exchange of a Saturday dinner with your favorite food. Again, I dont intend to encourage you to overeat every Saturday. The idea is balance your food consumption while inspiring yourself to keep up with your meal plan.

4. Set a Reminder
To remind yourself of the fast weight lose you are wanting, print your weight lose goal and post it in your desk or fridge. Printing a picture of the ideal body you want will inspire you more. I used to have pictures of Angelina Jolie in my pc and journal as I really admire her slim body.

5. Avoid situations that encourage you to eat
Try to explore more about your hobbies or take the time to learn new one. This will save you from the boring times at home and let your mind relax and relieve stress.

These are small baby steps that you can do to help your weight lose goal. Practice them to see gradual improvement in your weight every week.

Other fast weight loss suggestions will be the focus of our discussions in the next days.